File a BBB Complaint against Apple (written by Jer)

If you would like to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Apple or leave a review there, here is the link.

I have had very poor experiences with Apple in general. Their brand new iphones only last about 9 months before they refuse to charge anymore. The whole time those same iphones cause “official” lightning cords to stop being of use anywhere from days after purchase to a month after purchase. Half of the time Apple will claim that the phone has had water damage or damage to the charge port when none of those things have occurred. Sometimes they will honor their warranty or Applecare and sometimes not for those iphones…it is random.

Apple has similar problems with their $3K+ Macbook pros (even with Applecare). Repairs require repeated trips to the Apple store because even if they do repair the laptop (again sometimes they will claim some random damage (fake water damage) is your fault), they will botch the repair by not putting some video cable back in correctly or something else. Don’t even get me started on how one key being screwed up on the keyboard somehow hoses the whole laptop.

I recently filed a complaint with the BBB about a purchased iphone that stoppped charging 60 days after purchase. Apple claimed somehow I had damaged the charge port. They provided no pictures on their repair website like they normally would. Apple just said this so they would not have repair the phone under their one year limited warranty. Apple is breaking the law….a 2 month old phone doesn’t charge anymore and they won’t repair it making up some lies that I damaged the phone. Apple phones have a well known arcing problem that destroys the charge port and any cord that is plugged into it. My Samsung s8 phone has lasted 3 years and counting with drops, spills, etc. The s8 has always had the same usb-c charger the whole time. My s8 has never once rendered a charging cord useless. The s5 before it lasted 3 years and that phone was thrown on the ground more times than I can count. These iphones have had no accidents but somehow die by looking at them wrong. And yes, we only use official apple chargers.

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